About The Preserve at Stakke Lake

About Our Logo

The Stakke Lake community holds a special place in our hearts, as it represents a cherished chapter in our lives and the opportunity to create a bright future for others. It all began in 2005 when we purchased our first lot on the lake, seeking a summer retreat for our young family filled with outdoor activities and a close-knit community. The initial years involved camping nearby while preparing the lot for our future home, allowing our children to make lasting friendships and enjoy the freedom of the outdoors.

In 2011, our dream became a reality as we moved into our permanent home on the lake. It became a haven where we raised our children and formed lifelong connections with fellow residents. However, life brought changes, and in 2020, we decided to sell our beloved home to another wonderful family who now relishes the same joys and sense of community.

Even after selling our house, the Stakke Lake community remained deeply rooted in our hearts. The longing for the happiness and serenity that lake living provided compelled us to seize an opportunity to once again claim our slice of heaven. In 2022, we acquired 25 acres of undeveloped land, envisioning a space where we could reconnect with nature and potentially offer a few others the chance to fulfill their dreams of building homes, raising families, and embracing a fulfilling life surrounded by natural beauty.

Our family holds immense importance to us, and this sentiment is beautifully encapsulated in The Preserve logo. The blue and gold eight-pronged image represents a brooch that belonged to Don's mother, Jean. This family heirloom symbolizes the love and generosity of Jean and her husband Lawrence, who played a vital role in making our dream of The Preserve at Stakke Lake a reality. Jean spent many cherished days with us at our Stakke home, enjoying fishing and diligently tending to the gardens until twilight. The love and support from our entire family have been instrumental in building this new chapter at The Preserve and providing others with the opportunity to experience the same joy and fulfillment.

As we embark on this journey, we are filled with gratitude for the past and an unwavering excitement for the future. The Preserve at Stakke Lake community is not only a place but also a testament to the love, happiness, and tranquility that can be found when living surrounded by nature.

Andrea and Don, Owners and Neighbors
Don's Mother catching fish at Stakke Lake